COVID-19 is Seriously Impacting Women’s Reproductive Health

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While the FDA currently does not allow mifepristone to be prescribed via telemedicine, twenty-one Attorneys General wrote to DHHS Secretary Alex Azar to encourage the agency to approve the drug for telemedicine uses. They write “In fact, Mifepristone is four times safer than Viagra and fourteen times safer than carrying a pregnancy to term. The FDA itself has stated “the safety profile of Mifepristone is well-characterized and its risks well-understood after more than 15 years of marketing. Serious adverse events are rare and the safety profile of Mifepristone has not substantially changed.” Medication abortions are available to women until 13 weeks of pregnancy, a period during which the vast majority of abortions occur. Particularly during this pandemic, telemedicine abortions would be safer than a visit to the clinic where a patient is faced with protesters and staff members who are all possible vectors of disease.

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